Hi. We are Simon and Lukas.

For years, we’ve both been passionate about everything to do with...

...how to live.

This spans over a wide range of areas. Especially philosophical concepts, thoughts on society, minimalism, and sustainability are strongly thematized.

We love to share our thoughts and discoveries with you and are always happy to hear your opinions as well.

  • Why we write this blog

If you always feel that the widespread values of our modern life are not enough or right, you are like us. Out of curiosity, we have been looking more and more into topics such as the Dao, Zen, Stoicism, and much more, and have discovered some things that unfortunately get too little attention in our society. But we found that in their substance, these topics feel so much healthier than the classic "self-worth through achievement or possessions" scenario.

We in no way wish to lessen the meaningfulness of good work and participation in society. Rather, it is an attempt to show that we should strive for a more honest relationship with things and an appreciation of simplicity.

Here are the categories we'll be covering most with you:

  • Philosophical concepts
  • Society
  • Minimalism

We are happy that you have landed here and even happier if you can take something away from it. Of course, we are always grateful when you share something with us and we can learn from each other.

  • More about us:

By the way, besides the interests mentioned so far, we are nature-loving nerds.

We both love fiction since young childhood. Especially The Lord of the Rings, but also the Witcher universe and other. Video games are as much a part of our interests as exploring nature. Here are a few more specific points about each of us:


  • Forest smell
  • Port and red wine
  • New Zealand (even though I have not been there YET)

That's me in Ranger colors enjoying the stunning views and clear mountain air in Graubünden. Oh and I am the author of "The Book of Amazement" which you can find here: AMAZON / KINDLE (affiliate link).


  • Forest
  • Beer Tasting
  • Fitness

That's me, in Kyrgyzstan, during several days of marching through the wonderful, remote mountain ranges, which my feet probably still haven't forgiven me for to this day.

  • How we host this website:

Since we actually care about nature and that wasn't just a comment to be able to post these pictures, we host our website with a sustainable, environmentally conscious Hosting provider (who, for example, offsets their CO2 emissions to 200% and are based in Switzerland). The world is so beautiful and worth protecting.

  • How we finance our site:

We use affiliate links in some places on this site. With these we know exactly what is being advertised and can ensure that we stand behind the products.

That means, if you visit sites with our affiliate links and buy a product or service there, we get a commission from the site owner. For you nothing changes in the price and we can increasingly focus on this project and publish more content. 

However, we don't expect you to use the affiliate links and it's perfectly fine with us if you don't buy anything through them 🙂 .

Oh, and only buy items that are truly useful to you. Conscious consumption is still a topic that needs to be developed more in society, although, fortunately, it has been gaining momentum for a few years now.

  • Be in contact with us

We would love to hear from you. And since that's not just an empty phrase, you'll find our Instagram links and our email address in the footer of the website. The Instagram link leads to our personal profiles, because we want to show you how we really work instead of keeping a second profile that just rehashes the information of the blog.