Epictetus: The panicked opinions of others

I have noticed that especially in the times of the Internet, the opinions of the individual have more and more reach. In the course of this, I would like to deal with a quote from Epictetus, which is about the opinions of others.

"It is not things themselves that worry people, but opinions and judgments about things."


Now, when we look at catastrophic events in world affairs, we can say without thinking too much about it that they are unsettling. Whether we look at the Corona crisis, the conflict in Ukraine, or climate change, all of these events are troubling in and of themselves.

But when we talk to other people about these events, the issues are no longer described factually but personally. The other people let their opinions flow in and these opinions can spread panic.

Of course climate change is bad and we all suffer from it, it is also known that we are the first generation that really knows about climate change and the last one that can do something about it. However, it doesn't help anyone to talk about climate change and only tell what went wrong, what could have been done better or that it is already too late and we will all die from the consequences of climate change.

The fact that climate change is happening is bad but not worrying, whereas the opinions of others quickly cause panic and worry you.

Now, when we receive an opinion on a subject from one person, we form our own opinion based on the other person's views. We then pass on these views to the next person. Especially in times of the Internet and social media, a huge flood of panic and anxiety spreads along with the information.

But it's not just you and me who are to blame for the anxiety. News in all forms sells most of its headlines through fear. The human brain is designed to recognize and avoid danger, so it is very receptive to headlines that signal danger.

So the next time you hear news, try to take it in as matter-of-factly as you can without letting it worry you.

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