Albert Camus on effort and passion

You can certainly learn a lot about Albert Camus but what you can't say is that he had no passion. Anyone who has ever read a book by Camus will have noticed how passionately it is written, after all, you don't get a Nobel Prize for literature just like that.

"There is hardly any passion without effort".

Albert camus

What is the connection between effort and passion? When you do something passionately, you want it to be good. Because When completed work is already pleasantThen how pleasant is work well done? One does one's best, but not to impress someone else, but because it happens out of an inner desire. Whether it is writing, as in Camus, painting something, making music, or building something. If we are passionate about the activity, we will make an effort to do it well.

Even activities that at first don't really seem like something you put effort into can be pursued intensively. After all, writing is not really a strenuous activity. At least I haven't had sweat run down my forehead while writing or the pen constantly fall out of my hand because of its immense weight.

But if you are so absorbed in your writing that you lose track of time and sit there until late at night, if you continue to work on the story while you are having breakfast in the morning, then you can say that you are passionately pursuing the matter. It is precisely this passionate pursuit that brings the effort.
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It's also very interesting to watch athletes who really give everything in their discipline. Whether it's sprinting, bouldering, downhill skiing or anything else. These people are so absorbed in their passion that what they do seems almost effortless. Of course, this is only because they put so much effort into what they do. From this so much effort then comes the skill that makes it look so easy.

In Daoism, by the way, there is an exactly opposite view, which says that you should not force things. This principle is called Wu-Wei it teaches us that with the Flow should go.

What is your opinion on the subject? Do you agree with Albert Camus, or do you say that there are also many cases of passionate devotion without any effort? Write your opinion in the comments.

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