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How can a single decision change the structure of reality? By executing it! The power of our decisions have a direct impact on reality. I will explain these effects in this article with the help of a quote from Jordan B. Peterson.

Our choices determine the fate of the world. By making a choice, we change the structure of reality.

Jordan B. Peterson

We often underestimate the power of our decisions. What difference does it make whether we get up immediately after the alarm clock or whether we spend another half hour or hour in bed watching videos. It can make a lot of difference, it can make significantly more difference than we can imagine. After all, the world is one big arena for countless small actions. Each individual had to make a sum of decisions that can affect other individuals. For example, it could be that if I had gotten out of bed right after my alarm clock went off, I would have gotten to the bakery earlier and still gotten the last two pretzel crossaints. It could also have been that this would have allowed me to take an earlier streetcar into town, this other streetcar might have had the future partner on it. Or maybe a bird would have crapped on my head during my morning coffee if I had gotten up right away. As already said: the world as such is very difficult to estimate or calculate. Which is why it is difficult for us to ascribe even small events their appropriate significance.

However, Jordan B. Peterson does not address in this quote what explicit effect our actions bring to reality. He merely says that by the choice we make, the structure of reality is changed. Whether this is good or bad is left aside for the moment and can only be decided individually by the observer.

For example, if I decide to steal money from someone's wallet, I have changed the structure of reality. I am now 20€ richer, someone else is poorer by the same amount. For me the reality has changed, as far as I am not caught, for the better. For the stolen, the reality has changed for the worse.

So it is important to keep in mind that every decision - no matter how big or small - has an impact. This impact inevitably changes reality and its structure. Whether these effects are good or bad we have to decide for ourselves, as I said.

However, it should not be neglected that our highly selective perception can lead to a chain of good or bad decisions. These chains could also be described as a positive feedback loop. We know positive feedback loops from everyday life, for example when you lift a microphone to a loudspeaker. The microphone now picks up the noise from the speaker and passes it on to the speaker. This process repeats itself so often and quickly until only a high-pitched whistling noise can be heard.

Such a positive feedback loop can also be created by our decisions. A small decision can cause many positive effects. To notice these effects often requires close attention, as they can easily be overlooked.

To illustrate:

If I decide to go jogging twice a week, I lose enough weight to manage five push-ups instead of two. Now that I'm a little more athletic overall, it's easier for me to vacuum the apartment, clean the bathroom, or unload the dishwasher. Now that the apartment is in a cleaner state. I can also sit on the balcony with a book in good conscience, without having the household in the back of my mind the whole time. Having a clear head allows me to better immerse myself in the book while reading. I don't constantly catch myself wandering off with my thoughts while reading. Now the brain has time to relax, which is why I'm more aware of other activities again.

This mind game can be continued ad infinitum, in this example it only serves to illustrate that every decision has more far-reaching consequences than we can imagine.

If you are faced with a decision today, no matter how big or small. Try to keep in mind that this decision will have an impact on the structure of reality, your reality. Every single decision can or should be considered important. For the sum of all the decisions that all living beings make forms the Fate of the world. That means that you are also involved in how the future of reality will look, and that I find a very beautiful thought.

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