Sartre - There Is Only One Day

Often we live in our head. When we think of tomorrow, in our imagination. And when we think of yesterday, in our memory. However, we should not forget that both scenarios are not real and we should rather focus on the time we have: Now!

There is only one day left, and it always starts over again: it is given to us at dawn and taken away at dusk."

Jean-Paul Sartre

We live in times where everything is very fast-paced. It is not uncommon to be scheduled weeks in advance and appointments seem to pile up. One of the consequences of this permanent being scheduled is that we also have to constantly think about these appointments. Even if we have them all on a calendar and don't have to carry them around with us permanently in our heads, they are still frequently present. Sartre once said, that we have not yet figured out how to live. But much more important than the fact of how we should live is that we live.

"Oh, I have another doctor's appointment on Tuesday, then the meeting with Adi on Wednesday, and in the evening I have a date with this or that." In and of itself, there is nothing wrong with structuring one's daily life. It becomes a problem when we don't fully enjoy the present moment because we're thinking about something else.

Once pinned, never forgotten (:

Sartre specifically says that every morning a new day is given to us, which is taken away again in the evening. So one should look at each day as an individual gift.

A little tip for this is to be aware every morning after getting up that many other people did not get up that day. In a world with almost 8 billion people, there are accordingly also many who go to bed in the evening and do not wake up. So, should you find yourself in your bed in the morning and alive, smile once profusely to rejoice in the new day that has been given to you.

If we keep in mind that we have nothing but this one day, then we can make full use of it. We should strive to fill this one day as beautifully and well as we can. Of course, we must also fulfill our obligations. However, we should not forget to set aside some time for ourselves on each day, or for something nice. But do not forget that schine things often also have an unattractive origin. Nevertheless, it is good when we have to give back our 24 hours in the evening, can look back on something beautiful.

The next morning the game starts again. Again, our focus should be on having the best day we can. We shouldn't be upset or sad about yesterday's mistakes; after all, those mistakes can't be worked through. They happened and that's okay. What we can do, however, is give it our all today. Because if we do our best, there's a noticeably greater chance that we won't have to worry about today tomorrow.

So when you go to bed tonight, remember to turn this tag in again and with a little luck, you'll be given a new one tomorrow.

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