A good reason to die ... - Albert Camus

Most people have experienced situations in the course of life that one found intolerable. Depending on the situation, one may come to the conclusion that it was a good reason to die -or to live.

These different ways of looking at things preoccupied the French philosopher, author and journalist Albert Camus and ultimately led to the following quote:

"A good reason to die is just as good a reason to live."

- Albert Camus

A good reason to die is an equally good reason to live, is a very interesting way to look at both sides of a coin. Often when injustice happens to us, we are quick to think about throwing in the towel, surrendering and giving up. However, we might also say that we will not rest until we have gotten the injustice out of the way.

Let's take as an example that we have been cheated by our partner.

In the first instance, we can think that we can't live with the pain, how unfair the situation itself is and how we could go through life with such closed eyes that we didn't even notice that our own partner was cheating on us.

But we can also go a step further and think that what happened to us shouldn't happen to anyone else and make it our mission to be as honest with our future partner as we can be.

As this example hopefully makes clear, the reason is the same in both ways of looking at things: you have been betrayed by your partner. However, the way we deal with him is clearly different, quasi opposite.

It's always a question of perspective. Do you want to give in to despair and submit to your pain or do you show that you have guts and kick the lousy situation in the butt? Sometimes it is difficult to look ahead despite the circumstances, but from my experience I can say that it has never hurt to look ahead. Because only in this way can we see where we want to go.

Personally, I find the quote from Albert Camus very appealing, as it manages to say a lot with just a few words. Furthermore, it is a very encouraging quote no matter what life situation you are in.

Did you know?

Albert Camus was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1957 at the age of 44, making him the second youngest Nobel Prize winner in history.

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