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We can think a lot about the future and what we can do when to have the most beautiful and predictable future possible. However, all this planning will be of no use if we don't start taking steps here and now that will bring us to that future.

The following quote sums up exactly that:

"The true generosity toward the future is to give everything to the present."

- Albert Camus

Albert Camus was a French philosopher and writer. He lived from 1913 to 1960 and was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.

True generosity, like many other things in life, must first be learned. By this I don't mean generosity where you give the street musician €5 instead of €2, but that you feel good about giving for the sake of giving. Not out of some kind of compulsion, but because we really want it that way from within.

So if we generously give our attention to the present. If we live as well and as consciously as possible in the now, then this can hardly bring anything negative for the future.

If I fulfill all my obligations today, then tomorrow I will have the freedom to do what I want or to fulfill tomorrow's obligations. With which I can better meet the day after tomorrow.

Only by turning all my attention to the now can I best face my future, whatever that may be. If I turn to my healthy diet, sports and education today, I will be better tomorrow than I am today, and thus better able to face the coming day.

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"The true generosity toward the future is to give everything to the present."

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