Heraclitus: Why change is inevitable

We as humans, often look for consistency, at least in times when we are doing well. However, nothing in our universe has an endless permanence. This fact has already noticed Heraclitus about 500 years before Christ's birth.

"Nothing endures but change."

- Heraclitus

Whether it's a beautiful evening at the beach, an intimate moment with our partner or a lovely family celebration. In many moments, especially the beautiful ones, we wish for consistency. That the moment should never stop, or at least that we can enjoy it longer.

However, this desire for permanence more often spoils the moment for us than makes it more beautiful. We realize that this moment will inevitably end at some point. This can ensure that we cannot fully enjoy the moment.

Even when we buy a new watch, a new car or a new cell phone, we wish that these items would last forever. However, if we don't pay attention for a moment, we have a scratch in the glass of our new watch. All it takes is a single moment of carelessness and we have cracks in the screen of our cell phone.

What we don't consider beforehand, however, is that the new cell phone, the car, the evening at the beach, or the family party were also just caused by changes. If nothing had changed, we would not have a new cell phone. If we had never met our partner, it would not have been possible to have an intimate moment with them. Also, in order to have a nice evening at the beach, we first have to go to the beach. Furthermore, it must first become evening, after all, the evening is the change of noon.

As you may have noticed up to here, nothing has persisted, not in our universe. You are here because your ancestors have lived their lives. Because they traveled from A to B. Our Earth is here because other planets collided and new planets formed from the remains. The food that you eat is the change of earth and the minerals contained in it. Nothing in this world has lasted. Nothing except the change.

It can be difficult to come to terms with change in things or circumstances. However, it is even more important that we have a good and healthy way of dealing with change. The earlier you learn this the better.

Personally, it was a great help to me to understand that not all change is bad. After all, change is also an opportunity. Imagine you are at a point in your life where there is not much that is beautiful, worth living for, or varied. The fact that even these circumstances can change is something beautiful. Don't you think? So remember that nothing endures except the change.

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