Einstein on mistakes: "He who has never made a mistake..."

"If you've never made a mistake, you've never tried anything new." 

Albert Einstein

On the subject of making mistakes, there are many quotes, sayings and wisdoms that you can take to heart. What they all have in common is that you can learn from mistakes, or that it is impossible to learn without making them.

We are often ashamed of our missteps, slip-ups and flaws, but we should also keep in mind that if we recognize them as such, we have already learned a lesson. Namely, that we already perceive the mistakes as such and we have thus moved forward with the newly gained knowledge.

No one will be able to do 20 pull-ups the first time they do them.

No one who picks up a guitar for the first time will be able to play a perfect song right away.

Many who quit smoking still relapse once or twice.

But those who do not try to outgrow themselves and face new challenges are already doomed to failure. Life is permanent change, and those who cling too rigidly to their routines and habits become like a conifer in the mountains being swallowed up by an avalanche.

We should not be ashamed to try new things and fall down once in a while. Because as long as we get back up, keep going and learn from our missteps, we are making progress.

We should also not be ashamed of falling down, because although we are the person who fell, we are also the one who learned something.

So try something new. Try to do something new every day. The world is filled with endless possibilities. The only thing you have to do is go out and try something new - and allow yourself to make mistakes.

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