Use your life - Schoppenhauer

"For from the standpoint of youth, life is an infinitely long future; from the standpoint of age, a very short past."

- Arthur Schopenhauer

When we are in our youth, we think we still have our whole life ahead of us. But when we are old and look back on our life, it is only a short memory.
As I understand it, Arthur Schopenhauer is telling us that life passes us by faster than we notice it, and by the time we notice it, it is often too late. So one should enjoy and appreciate life as long as it happens.

Also, from the point of view of youth, the future seems infinitely long, because there are endless possibilities to shape the future and to pave a worthwhile path through the unknown. However, once we have traveled the road, it is now only a straight path, no longer surrounded by endless possibilities, because we have decided in every situation in life the way we hopefully thought best.

Life is short and we should keep that in mind as often as we can in order to live the life most worth living for us.

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