Avoid smartphones, live reality

Who doesn't know it? We get up in the morning, check our cell phones to see if there's anything new, stroll into the kitchen or to the bathroom, and continue to stare at the screen. Then, when we get to work, we either work on the screen or actually encounter real life. But as soon as it's time to go home, we sit down in front of the TV, Netflix or YouTube.

But this permanent accessibility is not only a burden on our heads, it also takes the color and beauty out of our everyday lives. There's nothing wrong with watching a movie now and then or getting in touch with old friends online, but we shouldn't make the mistake of confusing our end devices with reality. The screen merely shows a cheap imitation of what's out there.

We can watch as many cooking videos as we want, yet we will never taste the food that way. We can watch love movies, but it is far from the beauty that can be found in a real genuine partnership. Of course it's dangerous to put yourself out there, but in my opinion it's even more dangerous not to even dare. You will certainly experience more setbacks in the real world than in front of a screen, but it is these setbacks that shape us, that make us who we are (or could be).

If we come home from work and spend the rest of the day looking at a mere copy of life, we can never experience the truly beautiful aspects of being human. I also catch myself staring at my phone again in the bathroom or in the morning when I get up, but I notice that the less time I spend in front of a screen, the more satisfied I am with my general situation.

Maybe you feel the same way.

What I also regularly notice is that when you see groups of people in the city, in a café or a bar, they often have their cell phone in their hand. I would speculate that the news they see is sometimes, but usually not really urgent. It is a pity or rather sad to see that people prefer to look at some funny pictures on the Internet or write with people who are not there at the moment than to talk to their friends, make jokes or philosophize about life. Not only does this mean that you have a much less enjoyable experience with your friends, it also sends a signal that whatever is happening on the screen is more important than the people around you. Not exactly a nice way to deal with friends.

If you're anything like me, just try to put your phone away as often as you can. I don't think you have to ban all screens from your life, but you can also put a magazine on the toilet or go through your day in your head while having your coffee in the morning instead of looking at random reels on Instagram.

After all, real life has much more to offer than a screen.

Feel free to post your opinions and views on this topic in the comments.

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