Make yourself comfortable between the chairs

Everyone knows situations in which you do not know how to decide. You are literally standing between two chairs. While this is generally not the most desirable situation, there are still some advantages here. In the following article, we'll take a look at why it's not so bad to get comfortable between the chairs.

In the first scenario both parties between whom we are stuck want something from us. An example of this would be when two different friends want to do something with you or two work colleagues want something from you. Since both parties have already asked, we can choose which thing we would rather devote ourselves to. This can be decided simply on a whim or on the prospect of personal gain. If we decide it in the hope of a personal advantage, we can even make demands, since we have more than one option to choose from.

Scenario Two is that we have to choose between two self-selected options. An example of this would be which train to take home later or which restaurant to have dinner in. If we want to meet a friend for dinner in the evening, we can reserve a place already at noon. But we could also leave it until late afternoon or until just before the date. In the first case we can be sure of a table and in the second that we actually feel like eating at the given time. How we decide is again irrelevant here, but the longer we sit between the chairs the more or the longer options are open to us. Finally, there is only one option left once the decision has been made.

It is also possible that we have to choose between two very similar options. For example, when choosing a craftsman, when we are looking for a new apartment or when we buy new shoes. Nevertheless, it is also important to note that with more time we can make a better decision. However, one should not leave oneself also eternally time, since problems have also the characteristic to worsen from itself. This is especially true when it comes to Face your fears.

In the third scenario we want something from someone and someone wants something from us. Here we have significantly less power than in scenario one, because we are also dependent on the others. However, as in the other examples, we can also respond more precisely to the other person through more exchange. Better communication ensures that both sides are as satisfied as possible when they sit in their chair.

Of course, one can only remain between the chairs as long as time permits. However, it always surprises me how many problems or decisions solve themselves if we only give them the space to unfold themselves. This principle of not forcing is called Wu-Wei and comes from Daoism.

Finally, I would like to note that you can decide more agilely and faster when you have taken a seat between the chairs than when you are already sitting on one of the chairs. In simpler terms, it is easier to take a completely different path as long as you have not yet made a decision. Because once the decision has been made, it will inevitably be made no matter how big or small the decision. Change the nature of reality.

If you have a good story that made it worthwhile to stay between the stools, feel free to share it with us in the comments.

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