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Sadhguru on impossible dreams and the possible

The core of your satisfaction and well-being is that life goes as you imagine it. This sounds logical, but it also means that if life does not go as you imagine, you will be unhappy.

That's the whole magic, so to speak. When life goes your way, you're happy, and when it doesn't go your way, you're unhappy. It's as simple as that.

Whether your thoughts remain just thoughts or whether they become reality depends on how much work you put into realizing them, how often you keep those thoughts in mind, and how much you really want something.

It is also important that you do not create obstacles for your thoughts by having many negative thoughts. So it depends on thinking the right thoughts; however, your satisfaction always depends on whether the world behaves as you expect it to.

What is possible and what is impossible is not your business. Your business is only to strive for what you desire. Whether something is possible or impossible is decided by nature.

- Sadhguru

This post is mostly taken from some readings of Sadhguru, which I only translated into German and modified a bit to make them easier to understand. I hope his words can help you clean up a bit inside yourself (they certainly helped me). Here is the video from which I got the texts:


How to become a slave - a thought experiment

Imagine if your dean gave a dress code or school uniform that had to be worn.

It wouldn't be long before there were protests at the university.

Next, the dean would also specify that you had to get up at 5 a.m. and what was for breakfast. Suppose the dean were to set 10 such rules.

Within a very short time you would feel like a slave - and not even without reason.

You went screaming and yelling in protest for your freedom.

So as soon as someone dictates what happens around you, you feel like a slave. However, the following is important to realize: The moment you give someone the power to decide what it looks like inside you, that is the ultimate slavery.

If someone else can decide how you feel inside, isn't that slavery too?

Are we getting life wrong?

Since childhood, we are suggested that life should meet our expectations. However, life will never happen 100% the way you want it to. From a purely logical point of view, this is also not possible. What would be, after all, if my wishful thinking and yours would overlap? It is simply not possible for each individual to lead his or her dream life.

There is a majority belief that it is normal for life to always go the way you want it to. Many people think that this is the norm, but just because the thought is so widespread does not make it the universal norm. It is simply not the way of life to fulfill everyone's wishes.

Let's say you're a student; in that case, life goes about 60-70% the way you want it to. You get from semester to semester, you celebrate more than there really is to celebrate, you can eat what you want every day, and society is also proud of you - because you are studying, after all.

When you get married, the relationship turns around and life still goes 30-40% the way you want it to.

But no matter how you turn it around, it will never run 100% the way you want it to, except maybe if you don't live with people but with machines. But everyone who owns a printer knows that even machines make sure that it will never run 100% the way you want it to.

Satisfaction and dissatisfaction

There are many words for contentment: peace, happiness, joy.

Likewise, there are some words for dissatisfaction: stress, anxiety, fear, tension.

In the end, though, it's all about satisfaction versus dissatisfaction.

If your contentment depends on what is happening around you, then the chance that you will be content is slim, and remotely controlled to boot.

It is impossible to always be satisfied with what is going on around you. However, it is possible to build a distance between you and the external circumstances. I have already written a post on the subject of emotional distance. You can read it read here.

Through this emotional distance from the events around you, you can manage to make your inner contentment independent of external circumstances.

Your perception of things

When things don't go as they should, we often have the habit of looking up in annoyance. But is up really up? After all, we are sitting on a planet flying through the universe. We can tell where north is and where south is based on the earth's magnetic field, but for Australians that doesn't make north up. Just as little as for us south is down. It is equally difficult to say what is ahead and what is back. We can only determine this on the basis of viewpoints.

However, there is one thing we can differentiate with complete accuracy, no matter who and where you are: what is our inner world and what is our outer world, what is happening inside us and what is happening outside.

When you read this text, where do you see it? On your cell phone, your tablet or your PC screen?

Wrong. You see the text inside you, in your head, because the light falls on your retina and is conducted from there to your brain. Just as you don't hear the sounds you're hearing outside on the street or in the other room, you hear them inside your head.

Where have you seen the whole world until now? Within yourself. You have never experienced anything outside yourself. Pleasant and painful, joy and sorrow - all that happens within you.

So if everything you have ever experienced happens inside you, who should determine what it looks like inside you? Anyone else? No. Definitely you should decide what happens inside you and what it looks like inside you.

You can only partially influence the events that happen around you. But how you perceive them and how you value them is entirely up to you. Sometimes it is harder and sometimes easier for us to accept circumstances as they are. But the whole experience you have on this planet is valued 100% by you.

If you take responsibility for how it looks inside you, you are already well on your way to freeing yourself from the mental slavery of external impressions.

So when things aren't going your way again, remember that how things look inside you doesn't have to reflect what's going on around you.

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