Achieve your goals through consistency

In times when self-optimization is preached everywhere, whether in social media, in books or magazines, tips and tricks are sold everywhere on how to turn your life around 180° in the shortest possible time. The question is, how sustainable are these methods?

"Drop by drop, the water pot is filled. Likewise, the wise man fills himself, bit by bit he fills himself with the good."

Siddhartha "Buddha" Gautama

Often we tell ourselves, "If I change this or that about myself, I'll be good." Or, "If I were just a little more diligent/athletic/disciplined, I would be better." These statements are not a problem in and of themselves. It becomes problematic when we approach things too ambitiously.

After all, there are a multitude of problems or optimizable characteristics in each of us. If we take on too many of them at once, we can easily feel overwhelmed.

Instead of turning our entire lives upside down and trying to incorporate sports, meditation, yoga, reading and healthy eating into our daily lives, it would make more sense to approach the whole thing a little more calmly. You have to find out for yourself what your own capacities allow. If you want to learn more about why we should not be overzealous, you can read more in this article learn more by taking a closer look at a quote from Lao Tzu.

When you start training for a marathon, you don't run the entire distance on your first try. You might start jogging five kilometers, then 10, then 20 until you can venture to 42 kilometers. Even with meditation, it's foolish to think you can spend several hours sitting without any practice.

It is important to know your capacities first and then increase slightly if you want to have a long-lasting growth process. Like the Water pot is filled drop by dropWe have to fill the good in us. If we tip the water abruptly into our vessel, it can happen that a large part sloshes right out again.
Once pinned, never forgotten (:

A big problem here is that in this day and age we are used to getting almost everything we want at the push of a button. We have access to almost the entire knowledge of mankind. We only have to type a few words into a search engine of our choice and we have the knowledge we need. We can order just about anything we can imagine and the next day it's on our doorstep. We can listen to almost any song that has ever existed without a second thought.

However, there are also some things that we can't get at the push of a button. These things are usually traits that have to be learned, such as playing a musical instrument or running a marathon as mentioned above. But precisely because these traits are not so easy to learn directly, they are all the more satisfying once we have mastered them.

So the next time you try to get your life a little bit more under control or in a certain direction, try to do it in a sustainable way. Don't try to change or improve everything at once, but think about it; Drop by drop, the water pot is filled. Likewise the wise man fills himself, piece by piece he fills himself with the good.

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