Why it's better to live without armor

Recently, in a video in which an armor expert responded to fantasy armor in video games, I stumbled upon the statement that little armor is worse than none at all. This is because it gives us a false sense of security, which makes us more likely to enter dangerous situations recklessly.

In today's world, where dangers and risks may no longer be omnipresent, we are nevertheless constantly looking for ways to protect ourselves and feel safe. Whether it's actually in everyday life, such as cycling, financially through home savings contracts, or wherever else you can protect yourself.

We seek ways to fulfill this need for protection, and this may consist of putting on protective devices and armor. But we should ask ourselves whether a small amount of armor actually ensures our safety, or whether it merely gives us a deceptive sense of protection.

In this blog article, we'll explore the idea that it may be better to wear no armor at all than a minimal amount. This is because this perceived safety can tempt us to take high risks without really protecting ourselves.

The fallacy of security

It is understandable that wearing armor makes us feel safer. They provide not only a physical but also a psychological protection from possible injuries and threats. But we should keep in mind that a small amount of armor can lead us to develop a false sense of security. This is because wearing just a little bit of armor can make us feel invulnerable, as if we have eliminated all risks. This perception can lead to a dangerous overconfidence that causes us to put ourselves in potentially dangerous situations without adequately considering the consequences.

The dynamics of risk

Wearing little armor can lead to a dangerous dynamic of risk. When we feel lightly protected, we are tempted to put ourselves in situations that would normally be considered too risky. We may become more careless and rush into activities that are high risk. This happens because we feel that, yes, we can protect ourselves if something goes wrong. But this protectiveness can end disastrously if the armor we choose simply doesn't provide enough protection. This apparent security is deceptive and can thus lead to devastating consequences.

The value of mindfulness

When we are not wearing armor, we are forced to be more mindful and aware of our surroundings. Without the feeling of being protected, we are forced to be more aware of our actions and decisions. We learn to listen to our instincts and better assess the risks.

This mindfulness and sensitivity can actually protect us from danger better than any armor ever could. After all, it's better to prevent a danger or avoid it altogether than to take it well. Of course, it is inevitable not to go through life entirely without setbacks. If you want to know how to get through difficult times well I have here the appropriate blog post.

The freedom of being vulnerable

Paradoxically, accepting our vulnerability can give us a deeper freedom. When we are aware that we are not invulnerable, we recognize the finite nature of our being. This realization can empower us to make more conscious choices and live more fulfilling lives. Because if we design our whole life to get to the end as safely as possible, then we miss out on almost everything that makes life worth living. The only thing that is certain in life is change. By allowing ourselves to feel vulnerable in some way, we can open ourselves to the beauty and possibilities of life.


It is tempting to assume that any amount of armor can provide us with security. But this assumption is deceptive. A small amount of armor can tempt us to develop a false sense of security and take high risks without protecting ourselves adequately.

It is better not to wear armor and acknowledge the vulnerability that forces us to be more mindful and make more conscious choices. By freeing ourselves from the illusion of safety, we can find true freedom and shape our lives in ways that offer profound experiences and fulfillment.

If you can think of any other examples where little armor is worse than none, feel free to share them in the comments.

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